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Plano Pediatric Dentist is the best choice because they really care about children

Relax and know that your choice of a Plano Pediatric Dentist is a good choice because we are the best Pediatric Dentist in Plano!  At least that is what our patients and their parents tell us!

Whether it’s your child’s first trip or it’s been six months in between visits, a trip to the Pediatric Dentist in Plano is your best first step if you want the best Plano Pediatric Dentist available.

Plano Pediatric Dentist wants your child to have the best dental care available

We all want our kids to enjoy dental health process as much as possible.  Finding the best, most gentle, most caring Pediatric Dentist in Plano is as easy as calling the number in the upper right hand corner of this webpage because the Plano Pediatric Dentist staff are all here to make you and your child feel comfortable and to help you both to enjoy the “visit to the dentist” as much as is possible.

A visit to the Pediatric Dentist in Plano is an event that needs some prep work

In order to help your little one to understand what to expect. Due to the fear and anxiety that can come along with a Plano Pediatric Dentist visit, you may have some issues with relaying exactly what your child can expect without inadvertently frightening them.  To make this easy, simple and as drama free as possible, the Pediatric Dentist in Plano clinic offers you the following steps to help you prepare your child for his or her first visit.

Here are your Plano Pediatric Dentist success steps

Step 1 – Get in contact with the Plano Pediatric Dentist your child will be visiting, a week or longer before their first visit.  Ask the doctor for a brief explanation of what you and your child can expect during your first appointment.  Pediatric Dentist in Plano clinic children visits will be different than your adult visits.  Therefore, please call and chat with the Plano Pediatric Dentist, so that you do not relate an adult dental experience to your child.

Step 2 – While you’re on the phone with the Plano Pediatric Dentist office, ask to schedule a tour of the office for you and your child.  Your Pediatric Dentist in Plano TX recommends that you set up your child’s tour a week or so before his or her first appointment.  This allows your child to be introduced to Plano Pediatric Dentist office, the staff, the doctor.  Once your child is familiar with the Pediatric Dentist in Plano, your child will feel more comfortable and willing to come in for the actual dental appointment.

The Plano Pediatric Dentist office staff will take both you and your child through the entire office, pointing out areas where children get to play.  We offer prizes the kids can earn for brushing, along with several other things that are appealing to a child’s sense of safety and comfort.  The Pediatric Dentist in Plano TX pre-appointment tour is one of the best, most productive things we can do to help your child to become a regular dental visit star!  Be sure to setup your tour close enough to the appointment date that your little one will recall and associate fun with the Plano Pediatric Dentist tour, resulting in a positive experience overall.

Step 3 – The day before your child’s first child dentist appointment, sit your child down and discuss the visit. Sometimes, you’re child may show signs of fear or anxiety when you bring up the subject of their upcoming visit.  If this happens, you may find it helpful to talk about the subject every day during the week leading up the visit.  Many Pediatric Dentist in Plano parents find it really helpful to talk about the upcoming visit in an exciting and positive tone much like you would if you were taking him or her to Kids Fun Zone party.  Please keep in mind that the way you as the parent feels about your child’s upcoming dental appointment has a lot to do with the way he or she feels about it.  Our kids get their emotional cues from us!

This will all help to soothe our little patient, and help them to understand the positive aspects of their Plano Pediatric Dentist visit.  The day of the appointment, be sure to remind your child of the fun aspects of the office, reiterating dialog something like, “Hey, today is the day that we get that special prize from the treasure chest, or we get to see into the fish tank, and to play with the toys in the waiting room.”  Again, remember that your little one picks up your feelings, so make it fun and exciting and we at will make your little one’s time at the Pediatric Dentist in Plano, as fun and pleasant as is possible!

Step 4 – Answer your child’s questions as openly and as honestly as you possibly can.  Just like with grownups, children fear the kids dentist office due to the potential for pain. If your child is headed into a Plano Pediatric Dentist visit for a basic cleaning and general exam, there is very little chance that they will be in any sort of pain during the visit.

Even if Pediatric Dentist in Plano finds a cavity on the first visit, the office will likely have you set up an additional appointment at a later date.  So, your child’s first dental office visit will go smoothly, have very little if any discomfort, and the foundation for a lifetime of great dental health will be set.  While you will be able to tell your child honestly that a general exam will not result in any pain, this may not always be the case for future visits. If you are aware of an appointment that may involve some drilling or corrective measures, be sure to call and talk to the Plano Pediatric Dentist so that the doctor can guide you on exactly how to sit down and to talk to your child about what they might expect.

Step 5 – This is the most important, “RELAX!”  At Pediatric Dentist in Plano we work with kids of all ages and the outcome is always good.  No one looks forward to going to the dentist but we make the experience as pleasant as possible.  We chose this dental specialty because of our love for children.  We are also parents so we understand your concerns.  Just relax and know that your choice of a Plano Pediatric Dentist is a good choice because we are the best Pediatric Dentist in Plano!